Our clinicians are independent practitioners who provide leadership in a range of areas including trauma therapy, behavioural management, dialectical behaviour therapy and addiction-based mental health care.

National Management Team

  • Dr. Peter King (Clinics Director)
  • Kelly Allen (DBT Lead)
  • Stuart Langley (RO DBT Lead)

Brighton Clinic Clinicians

  • Dr. Julie King, Clinical Psychologist & Credentialed DBT Practitioner
  • Dr. Natasha Doulgeridis, Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr. Lilian Nejad, Clinical Psychologist & Credentialed DBT Practitioner
  • Joanne Tweed, Mental Health Nurse & RO-DBT Accredited Therapist
  • Aoife McCann, Child Psychologist
  • Annabelle Waldron, Psychologist
  • Caitlyn King, Provisional Psychologist

Sydney Clinic Clinicians

  • Stuart Langley, Psychologist (Telehealth)
  • Kelly Allen, Psychologist, Credentialed DBT Practitioner & RO DBT Accredited Therapist (Telehealth & Mona Vale)

Gold Coast Clinic Clinicians

  • Elizabeth Mahoney, Psychologist & Credentialed DBT Practitioner
  • Jennifer Ranieri, Counsellor, & Credentialed DBT Skills Coach
  • Kaedee Abel, Psychologist, Credentialed DBT Practitioner and Credentialed Eating Disorder Clinician (CEDC)
  • Teagan King, Provisional Psychologist & Credentialed DBT Skills Coach