If a client would like our team to communicate with other service providers please have them download, print and sign our Consent to Release Information form. Only a client, parent, or guardian can sign this form! Please scan the form into Clinko and shred it once you have sent the form to the location our clinician is requesting information from.

Use of information and form

Information gathered by Essentia Health is used exclusively for two purposes
• Purpose 1: For the formation of a professional mental health practitioner’s opinion which is used to guide assessment and treatment for the presenting complaint; and
• Purpose 2: For the evaluation of the service provided by Essentia Health, through the collation of detailed statistics about referral sources, nature of presenting problems, attendance durations, etc. In all cases where information is used for statistical purposes, no identifying information is made available.

Security of information

We have processes in place to ensure the security of all electronically stored personal information, including encryption of all data, when it is transferred to our service providers and limitations on access to personal information within our organisation.

No hard copy of client information is kept by Essentia Health. Any hardcopy information provided to our administrative staff or mental health practitioners is scanned into our electronic medical records and then shredded before being disposed of confidentially. In some cases, storage of your electronic information is stored by way of a third-party secure electronic medical record service meaning that your information may not be stored in Australia. By undertaking mental health services through Essentia Health, you are taken to have consented to the overseas storage of your personal information by the before mentioned means.

Download this form here >>> Consent to Release Information form 

Once the Consent to Release Information form has been completed, please email or send the completed form to Essentia Health using the below information.