Essentia Health Clinics are private mental health clinics owned by the Australian DBT Institute. Essentia Health was originally established in 1999 by Dr. Peter King who is a mental health professional with over 25 years of clinical experience.

All clinicians at Essentia Health are independent practitioners who share our vision of quality mental health care.

Essentia Health Support Team

Brighton Clinic Clinicians

  • Dr. Peter King, Clinic Director and Credentialed DBT and & RO DBT Accredited Therapist
  • Brad Stolz-Brobusch, Radially Open DBT Lead, Clinical & Counselling Psychologist, Mental Health Nurse, Credentialed DBT Practitioner & RO DBT Accredited Therapist
  • Dr. Natasha Doulgeridis, Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr. Lilian Nejad, Clinical Psychologist & Credentialed DBT Practitioner
  • Joanne Tweed, Mental Health Nurse & RO-DBT Accredited Therapist
  • Aoife McCann, Child Psychologist
  • Annabelle Waldron, Psychologist
  • Dr. Julie King, Clinical Psychologist & Credentialed DBT Practitioner
  • Caitlyn King, Provisional Psychologist

Sydney Clinic Clinicians

  • Stuart Langley, Psychologist (Telehealth) & Credentialed DBT Practitioner
  • Kelly Allen, Psychologist, Credentialed DBT Practitioner & RO DBT Accredited Therapist (Telehealth & Mona Vale)

Gold Coast Clinic Clinicians

  • Nitai Tiberwal, Credentialed Mental Health Social Worker
  • Chris McIntyre, Psychologist & Credentialed DBT Practitioner
  • Elizabeth Mahoney, Psychologist & Credentialed DBT Practitioner
  • Jennifer Ranieri, Counsellor, & Credentialed DBT Skills Coach
  • Kaedee Abel, Psychologist, Credentialed DBT Practitioner and Credentialed Eating Disorder Clinician (CEDC)
  • Teagan King, Psychologist & Credentialed DBT Skills Coach