From our Gold Coast Clinic and via Telehealth, Essentia Health Clinics offer a range of services for young people and their families. Services include Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Play Therapy, EMDR, Family Sessions and Skills Classes.

We now offer Clinic Sessions, Telehealth Sessions & Home Visits!

We have recently expanded our youth services to include home visits every second Saturday in the Gold Coast, Coomera, and Logan regions! To access our counselling and DBT services through home visits or Telehealth, contact our team on 07 5647 3438 or use any of the details below to contact our team!

Our Approach

Our approach is underpinned by a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) informed approach. DBT as a treatment approach is designed to help with extreme emotional instability, which clinicians refer to as “dysregulation” — difficulty managing intense emotions. Dysregulation can lead to impulsive, self-destructive, or self-harming behaviors. The goal of DBT is to teach techniques to support individuals to understand their emotions without judgment (part of the mindfulness component of DBT) and also to acquire skills and techniques to manage emotions and change behaviors in ways that will make an individual’s life more enjoyable. DBT requires work and commitment from both young people and their families!

DBT for young people involves individual therapy and skills training classes, where parents and teenagers both commit to learning skills. At Essentia Health, we follow the Australian DBT Institute’s model of care which includes separate skills classes for young people and their families. The feedback from parents is, “Why wasn’t I taught these skills before? I need these skills too.” Other components include telephone consultation, family therapy, and weekly consultation team meetings where the therapist checks in with other professionals to consult on the application of our collective approach.

New referrals through our national intake service.

We have multiple options for individuals to contact our team for intake & referrals including via phone, email, medical objects or completion of one of our online forms (NDIS or General Referrals) below.