Consent to our services needs to be completed before anyone can commence service at Essentia Health. If there are any concerns about this form the individual client can speak to their individual clinician at the commencement of their session.

Please advise the clinician if the client would like to discuss the consent form before the commencement of the initial session!

If an individual is attending DBT Groups only, then consent is also given for Essentia Health’s DBT group facilitators to contact and discuss clinical information with the individual’s identified therapist who may at times be external to Essentia Health. In a comprehensive DBT program, clinical governance is held by the primary individual therapist who manages treatment, risks, and access to other modes of treatment as deemed suitable during the assessment and contracting phases of treatment. This consent is sought during the foundational sessions of DBT prior to the commencement of DBT Groups.

Clinic-Based Consent Form

Telehealth Based Consent Form

COVID-19 Informed Consent Form